ADVANCED ORDER SYSTEMS is the name of Cameron Pearson's new film and entertainment group. AOS is dedicated to the perpetuation of various projects by the writer/director/producer. AOS is engaged in the development of feature films, scripts and other media programming such as music videos, commercials, and network infrastructure imagineering. Cameron and AOS are looking for established partners to help facilitate the complex business, financing and distribution aspects of our company. At AOS, or goal is to combine commercial success with artistic integrity and human understanding.

Currently several projects are in development.

He has written two feature films and six feature screenplays currently for sale. He has also begun working again as a Hollywood actor and will be featured in the upcoming Sylvester Stallone film, "John Rambo".

Activity: We are an independent production company currently producing quality films, feature screenplays and documentaries. We are also becoming involved in with cutting edge TV/cable production and will be launching a music video and commercial production unit in the future.

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Image of flyer for Advanced Order Systems featuring Cameron PearsonIn addition to running Advanced Order Systems, Cameron has been a full time professor of film at the school of Visual Arts and an adjunct broadcast  journalism instructor at NYU.

As a graduate film directing student, Cameron made MAN WOMAN FILM, a no-budget feature. This black and white, 16mm, $38,000 film has gone on to screen at 20 international film festivals.

Currently Cameron and AOS have just screened their new feature documentary, CRAZY LIKE THEY ARE ("an old woman dies a slow and painful death: hilarious!"), as a world premier in competition at IDFA in Amsterdam and had our American premier in a festival in New York.

AOS have just completed shooting 34TH & PARK. A new feature "documentary" about homelessness, starring a Chaplinesque character trying to bum it for an hour on the streets, at the mercy of the people of New York. This film deals with how easy it is to go from living comfortably to being in a destitute position and how we treat each other, especially those in need.

Cameron has a professional background in screenwriting, journalism and acting. Before receiving his MFA at UCLA, he received a Master’s of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University, and a BA in English from UC Berkeley. He has a five year filmography of short films that have played all over the world.

Although AOS is based in New York, Cameron has also worked very briefly as a broadcast journalist in Washington D.C., and in L.A. extensively as a writer and director where he maintains many significant creative contacts that can assist in the right production situatiion. Cameron's career and film company are somewhere between Hollywood blockbuster and cinema art.

Originally from Chicago, Cameron currently sleeps 22-24 hours a day when not marathon surfing the internet for porn or gesticulating wildly. He is survived by his hamster, Mr. Gimbels. His films are big in Tijuana, where he is also filming his new movie and serving a twenty month sentence concurrently.

Seriously though, Advanced Order Systems and Cameron currently have several projects in development. Please contact us for further information.

Advanced Order Systems

All ADVANCED ORDER SYSTEMS Cinema Entertainment Products
Conform to committee standards established and noted Nice France 8-17-93.
Audiences are asked to actively consider these important parameters
before committing their attention.
The Advanced Order Systems Declaration Of Principles and Intent
can be obtained through any Level Three Bonded Signatory Representative.
Reaction to AOS Cinema Entertainment Product
will be discussed at the revolving quadrennial security committee meeting in Stockholm,Sweden, 2010


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