PIRATES (action, drama)

A young state department agent is sent to Thailand to reel in the operations of a rogue UN representative battling modern-day maritime piracy and saving Vietnamese boat people refugees by his own rules. It quickly becomes apparent the man he's been sent to stop is the only person who can reveal the truth about some horrible humanitarian crimes and the corrupt politicos behind them.

'TARDS (comedy)

‘TARDS is off-beat, heartwarming and possibly the "greatest retard sports comedy of all time”. Two failing college student's half-hearted, half-accidental kidnap-for-ransom scheme goes desperately awry when they drunkenly pick up an orphaned savant, forcing them to attempt desperate comedic measures including: “kidnappings” of two more “special needs” patients. While their "captives" turn the tables and blackmail their way into staying, things continue to spin out of control climaxing in a 5-on-5 Venice Beach basketball tournament.

THE EYE OF GOD (horror, thriller)

A struggling actor lands his 'big break' in a new satanic serial killer film whose producers are, covertly, leaders of an ancient cult intent on using their movie to spread the forces of evil. They believe they can empower their film by brainwashing the intense young actor into committing an ultimate dark sacrifice: killing his own wife and child. The moral battleground of good and evil is on the set and in his soul.

THE REAL BATMAN (action, horror, thriller)

At each full moon, a scientist transforms into a giant bat-like creature with an insatiable blood lust. He tries to justify his rampages by preying only on criminals. Becoming adulated as a hero, he fights the darkness growing within him as he prepares for a final showdown with the city’s arch-criminal.

CITY OF THE ANGELS (drama, comedy)

A down and out L.A. writer tries vainly to meet his favorite novelist and poet and gets himself mixed up in all sorts of craziness in his immature dream of what it means to be a great writer and journalist. In the meantime, he falls into a series of misadventures that include family troubles, gang violence and surreal encounters with the ghosts of National Velvet, Black Elk and Charles Bukowski.

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL (horror, musical)

Part rock and roll musical, part slasher film, part Kubrikian Odyssey. A teenager and his band get mixed up with some rough characters when they land a gig at the inaugural opening of the Serial Killer Hall of Fame. The massacre takes on mythological proportions when benevolent aliens arrive to turn their evil new manager -- and world's greatest serial killer -- into a religious martyr.


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